Why didn't they flamwenco the eagles over the pool
Ask away~
An effort to save her hard-drive
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I did a really dumb comic for my girls because they were doing overtime at work and also episode 11 was stupid and they should have let me write it

can’t wait for season 3: eternal pyuunsuke.

Dear KyoAni, hire this person.

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Just seeing a gifset of Wolf Children reminded me, apparently the nearby arts college Hitotsubashi was the model for the university Hana and Ookami met.

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I haven’t met any anime nerds in Japan yet =(((((

Only 1 person knew what Haikyuu!! was and seems like most people if they watch anime only casually follow One Piece and Gintama.

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If anyone’s interested I am currently in Japan for a year of study. I’ll be updating pretty much exclusively on a separate blog: studbroad

Check it out here and then if you like~! \^^/

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Uughhgggg I’m going to be in Japan for 10 monthsssss

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hi guys!! i wanna do that url graphics meme so pls reblog this if you want me to make an edit or whatever based off your url!

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He’s looking right at me and I’m emotional right now and need a moment

gotta reblog. always. over 900 years of time and space. never met anyone who wasn’t important.

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